Rainwater storage

Rainwater storage

This is Water N Future's exclusive water tank for rainwater collection.

Unlike general water, rainwater requires special care.

Rainwater contains various particles and dust, as it is collected from rooftops. Frequent cleaning is required as sludge is deposited in water tanks.

Water N Future's exclusive water tank for rainwater collection is low in height for easy cleaning. Sludge is naturally discharged through water inlet and outlet on the bottom. Water N Future's exclusive water tank for rainwater collection consists of multiple small-sized water tanks connected to each other. With it on rooftop, you do not have to worry about the load.

Induction filter, installed together with Water N Future's exclusive water tank for rainwater collection, drops large particles to the bottom, and induces rainwater only. Therefore, it is never clogged.

Water N Future's exclusive water tank for rainwater collection adjusts the water level of the tank. Therefore, rainwater in the tank does not overflow. Quality rainwater can be collected through double filtration.

Water N Futures' exclusive water tank for rainwater collection eliminates initial rainwater. Open the valve to eliminate murky initial rainwater.

① Rainwater filter
② Vent pipe
③ Rainwater storage tank
④ Pump and case
⑤ Rainwater piping
⑦ Brass ball valves
⑧ PVC valve socket
⑩ PVC socket 25A
⑪ Hose coil
⑫ Water meter

Water N Future rainwater facilities

Rainwater filter

Water tank

Rainwater storage construction procedure

1. Check the horizontality of the construction site.

2. Install the water tank.

3. Install the rainwater filter (connect the storm drain).

4. Water tank piping

5. Install the pump box and water pipe.

6. Complete construction.

How to install rainwater storage

01_ Connect the pipe (connected to the water harvester) to the L-bow on the bottom of the water tank.
02_ Connect the pipe connected to the L-bow to that of other water tank.
03_ Attach the discharge valve at the end of the final water tank connected.
04_ For pump, select one part of the tank and attach a socket as high as 15cm from the bottom, and attach the valve to use the pump.
05_ Connect the water meter to the end of the valve.
06_ Attach the pump to the end of the water meter.
07_ Install the plate in the predetermined design as per the specifications of the water tank.

Water bill reduction

Support for installation of rainwater facility

Securing more water resource / improvement in urban heat island in case of abnormal high temperature by climate change

Reporting procedure for rainwater facility

Rainwater facility installation
Fill in the report form.
Submit to the applicable division in district office (Division of Environment)
Rainwater use waterworks reduction application
Submit to the waterworks office in the jurisdiction.
Fill in the application form for rainwater use sewerage reduction.
Submit to the construction division in the jurisdiction.

Fee reduction documents

Rainwater facility installation report

Application form for waterworks fee reduction

Application form for sewerage fee reduction