Water-saving device

Water-saving foam

The shower is a spraying type, but why is the sync linear?
Foam that adjusts spraying angle through different thinking

Approx. 20% reduction in waterworks and sewerage bill
No more delay by enriching water for washing with small discharge

Constant flow rate of fixture
Absorbed bubbles are combined with natural water to form bubbles and prevent splashing
Surface water filter mesh prevents clogging from scale

Reduction in hot water volume

Better usage to press On/Off

One Touch Tap is a new tap that takes advantage of the difference in water pressure in design theory.
Gently press the switch to turn on water.
Without One Touch Tap, it might be inconvenient to turn the tap to use water. When not fixed tightly, you may have to worry about water leak.
Solve these problems with One Touch Tap by gently pressing On/Off.
One Touch Tap differs from general taps by including similar hygienic advantages as water-saving spraying taps or sensor taps.

A. One touch

B. Open

C. One touch

D. Close

One Touch Tap