Water-saving device

Water-saving device for water supply

Save waterworks and sewerage bill by approx. 15%
Divided into cleaning use and food tray use
Finish installation just in 10 minutes

Comparative chart on water-saving device for water supply before and after construction

Before installation
After installation

Water supply volume


Water-saving shower

Enjoy richer shower with wider jet valve

Save water at least by 20%
With the smaller spray holes, you can save water by at least 20% in comparison with existing plastic spray shower in same conditions, and also save 36,000 liters of water per year.

Increase in discharge pressure under same hydraulic pressure
Water sprayed from 0.3m triangular holes on stainless plate has stronger discharge pressure with same water amount, due to increase in hydraulic pressure by 1.5 times in comparison with general showers. Therefore, you can save 36,000 liters of water annually.

Wider jet valve
You can enjoy better shower with the stainless jet valve enlarged by approx. 1.5cm, in comparison with the cheap, powerful and successful "Eco Plus Chrome" model.

We will be fully committed in eco-friendly showers to save at least 0.1 liter of water.

Water-saving sync head

Water-saving sync head cobra

Reduction in waterworks and sewerage bill by 20%
Hydraulic pressure increase by 15% in comparison with non-water saving environment

Increase in discharge pressure under low hydraulic pressure
Easy installation for anyone
Less breakdown due to simple structure
Replaceable parts in case of breakdown
421,000/cc positive and negative ions emission through triangular holes
Increase in antimicrobial activity on watering plate made of stainless steel
Less limescale, easily detachable watering plate for easy maintenance, including limescale removal